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Welcome to Smart Water 3D
5 years since version1 and still maintained and updated!
Working on all the platforms, mobile and Desktop
and so much more.

The real time water solution
Smart Water 3D is designed for all type of real time applications, industrial, educational, games and anything that needs a fast water emulation.

Magic & Illusion!
The mobile shader is 1 draw call, no visible slowdown on desktop makes it the fastest water ever
while having the best look and the most customization options!

Smart Water 3D has been successfully integrated in some major environment assets.
This made it the easiest Water to integrate in any kind of environment while maintaining an amazing visual.

Scalable with Add-Ons
Smart Water 3D comes with many available add-ons and more in development.
Buoyancy, Sound FX, Underwater, Shoreline generator, Physically emulated waves on the GPU and more...

About Smart Water 3D

Smart Water 3D represents years of research and development with Speed and Optimization in mind.

Amazing look

It took years to find the perfect tuning, at the best performance. Using tricks to simulate the sun reflection, the shalow water, refraction, shadows, deformations, many parameters are taken in account in order to have a water that looks as realistic as possible at a blasting speed.

Incredible Speed

Smart Water 3D is the fastest water available for Unity. It was designed to be fast and while working on the GL 2 and GL 3 shaders, I always kept this in mind. Smart Water 3D is 1 draw call for most shaders, and these shaders are looking great. This is done using 'tricks' but the customers don't have to know how!


Smart Water 3D is working on both Mobile and Desktop. It supports all version of iOS phones and has 2 shaders specifically designed to work mobile devices. Shaders can be selected at runtime and it is possible to automatically change to the optimum settings in game.


With Tutorials, a PDF documentation and a lot of examples, Smart Water 3D is a well documented and supported product. The first version of Smart Water is from 2009! You can also hire me to setup the water in your game if you really need help, and my rates are very reasonable as I leave in Asia.


Smart Water 3D supports add-ons and is expendable. Add-on for underwater, sounds, particles, buoyancy, and hi-end devices... Smart Water detects add-ons automatically and the features are added in the Editor panel as they are installed.

The only water you will need

Smart Water 3D can be seen like a water material that can be applied to any object like a bump mapping for example. Its cost is about 2-3 bump mappings (GL 2 version) so you can use it on characters, on walls, on any shape, like a complex procedural material. With its different shaders, you can do any styles, from cartoon to real..

Meet Our Shaders

Smart Water 3D has 4 several type of shaders. With time and the many versions and updates, we have scaled down to 4 different shaders. 2 Mobile optimized shaders and 2 shaders for desktop. Some supporting simulated flow map emulation, automatic foam, shallow water, adaptation to the sunlight, GPU waves, reflection and more... Optionally they also all supports Underwater, Buoyancy, Waves, Sounds, Splash particles via Add-ons.

Mobile Shaders

1 Draw call, 1 Pass, Open GLES 2 & 3

We have 2 shaders dedicated to the mobile platforms. Both are supporting waves, but these can be turned on/off. They do not use real time reflection, only a fake texture to emulate the reflections. The Mobile 2 is around 110 arithmetic instructions which is about 2 bump mapping. The main difference with the Desktop version are to not use grabpass but use only transparency. That mean that what is underwater is not deformed by the water surface.

Desktop Shaders

Shader 03 and 04 with GPU Waves, 2 draw calls

These 2 shaders are more sophisticated, they are indeed opaque but simulates transparency with a grabpass. You can control the deformation of the underwater and the real time reflection. Of course they also support GPU Waves, shoreline, dynamic transparentcy from the camera distance to the water and more...

Our Add-Ons

Smart Water 3D supports add-ons. These are an on-going process and many add-ons will see the light in the future.


Open Gl 3 / Shader 3

Underwater adds a complete underwater simulation that is customizable to your need. It features sound filterint, 2 post processing Fx and a specilized script that deals with collision and event spawning. It is working both on Mobile and Desktop and the underwater is looking great on all platforms


Splahes, Bubbles, Drops, foram adn Ripples

This pack consists of more than 200 Mb of specially crafted particles suitable for any water situation. You can drag and drop to add more life to your water of interact with objects colliding with the water.

Sounds Fx

All type of water sounds

With dozen of prefabs ready to drag and drop, you can give a life to your project royalties free. This pack includes different ambient sounds for Ocean, River, Lakes from distance or close up as well as water drops and splashes


Working with all water shaders, Free and Pro Unity

This small add-on adds simulated buoyancy to make the object looking like floating on the top of the water plane. Takes almost nothing in CPU.

4 Shaders, 1 setting

Smart Water 3D can be used with the 4 different shaders with a minimum adjustment.


Have a look at what we've been up to. We have integrated Smart Water to these brand Assets..